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LPG Boilers

Here at Plumit, we provide a wide variety of Liquid Petroleum Gas Boilers built for quality and performance, great for households of any size with many systems available. Each of our efficient Liquid Petroleum Gas Boilers from Worcester, Viessman, etc, are the perfect environmental alternative for heating water throughout your household.

Are LPG boilers being phased out?

No, LPG boilers won’t be banned in the UK. While the government has announced plans to ban gas and oil boilers from 2025, this only applies to new homes. This is part of the UK’s action plan to reach carbon net zero by 2050. 

Are LPG boilers any good?

In short, yes. LPG boilers can achieve efficiencies of up to 98%; meaning more fuel is converted as heat and less is lost elsewhere. 

Are LPG boilers expensive to run?

LPG is more expensive per unit than oil, but its higher efficiency means you may find that your heating bills reduce, especially if you’re replacing an older boiler that isn’t as energy efficient. 

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